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“I've never encountered such a robust theology of the arts as when I was at your event, and I've never met people with such a grand vision for arts among the church as when we talked.”

-Matt Kickasola, PhD, Professor of Music, Geneva College  

"I began to truly understand how my art could actually be an extension of not only my faith but my unique identity. I felt liberated to express myself and truly explore what I had to say as an artist. Taking risks with my work and allowing myself to create from my own individual perspective and not be pigeonholed into what I felt religious society expected of me. My experience with AEM has truly been life changing."  

-Christina Ramos, Painter  

"Arts and Entertainment Ministries is a crucial resource for artists of faith in mainstream culture. The institute prepared me to create relevant art while maintaining core eternal values."

-Jahmal Holland, Award Winning Filmmaker