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Date: July 28, 2024

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Being an artist who cares deeply about their faith and their art is no small task. We need encouragement, vision and practical discipleship and mentoring that empowers us to grow spiritually and succeed creatively in our business and career.

Did you know there are three primary figures in the Bible who serve as incredible sources of wisdom, inspiration and practical application of our faith to our everyday life and the work we do as artists and creatives?

And no I'm not talking about the Trinity!


The good news is that the Bible speaks to ALL of life- your spiritual life and your creative life and business!

But sometimes it's hard to understand and apply the gospel to our everyday life and work. That's why we want to chat and give you the tools at our next forum.


We want you to become confident in your calling as an artist, in your spiritual walk and in your creative process and witness to the world.

Don’t miss out! Join us as we discover the top three mentors for artists and creatives in the Bible!

Your Hosts.

Joel & Michelle Pelsue are the founders of both Arts & Entertainment Ministries(AEM) and the Arts & Entertainment Institute(AEI) in Los Angeles, California. They are both artists in their own right. Joel is a classically trained musician, who plays the soprano and tenor saxophones, oboe, flute and clarinet. Michelle is a classically trained actor who turned professional at age 15 and has done TV, Film, Commercials and Professional Regional Theatre. Joel & Michelle have been the "boots on the ground," ministering to artists in major art and entertainment hubs for over 30 years- places like New York, London, and Hollywood ---where they live now. Their mission is to equip and train artists and creative professionals working in the mainstream art world and entertainment industry to succeed creatively and grow spiritually. Their teachings are born out of over 3 decades of "hands-on" experience in the entertainment and art capitals as well as theological training and research.